FAA Warns Airlines To Watch Out For Those Exploding Coffee Pouches

What could be worse than spilling hot coffee on a passenger? Perhaps having a pouch of coffee explode on a plane, something that can happen if flight attendants aren’t careful. The Federal Aviation Administration is warning airlines to take the necessary precautions against such an explosion happening.

Apparently it’s enough of a problem that the FAA has issued a safety alert to all commercial airlines, saying that packages of ground coffee enclosed in filters have burst while attendants have been brewing coffee, reports the Los Angeles Times.

It sounds like this isn’t an everyday occurrence, with about a dozen such explosions in 10 years, but it’s dangerous enough and can cause first- and second-degree burns for anyone unlucky to be nearby.

A telltale sign that a pouch is about to let loose is overflowing water in the brewer, as well as a hissing sound. When the flight attendant lifts the coffeepot, hot grounds can shoot out and hit a person.

Keeping the coffeemaker clean and storing the pouches correctly — not folded or doubled over on itself — can help prevent such incidents, says the FAA.

We’ve always wondered how flight attendants are able to keep from spilling hot liquids during times of turbulence, and now there’s yet another worry to contend with when it comes to hot coffee. We salute your bravery in the face of hot beverages, flight attendants.

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