Seattle Woman Determined To Only Consume Starbucks Products For Entire Year

Many of us have probably already broken our New Year’s resolutions by now — if we ever made any to begin with — but one woman in Seattle says she’s determined to stick out the entire 365 days of 2013 consuming nothing but products made by Starbucks and its associated companies.

It’s perhaps good timing that she’s doing this year-long experiment after Starbucks has acquired Tazo Tea and Evolution Fresh juices. That way, she’s not just limited to the standard ‘bucks hot beverages.

“I’ve been going in and getting their nutrition by the cup charts for all their serving sizes,” the woman, whose actual name is Beautiful Existence (a choice my mom came oh-so-close to making when I was born), tells “I’m already getting a feel for what to eat — the plain nut pack as a snack because it only has 190 calories, compared to the piece of pumpkin bread.”

Of course, this all comes with what some would call a hefty price. So far, she’s averaging $18.79 a day on food and drink from Starbucks. For those of you who eat out all the time, this might seem like pennies. But some bargain shoppers who save money by eating in (and making their own coffee) will probably see that as wasteful.

But Ms. Existence, who says she does not work for Starbucks and is receiving no payment for her efforts, says she doesn’t mind spending the money.

“The company pays good benefits for part-time workers,” she explains. “That’s where my money is going.”

For those interested in following this story, Ms. Existence’s exploits are updated on a regular basis on her personal blog.