Musician Gets Help From Delta And Gibson After Baggage Handlers Wrecked Guitar

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It was a terrible day for rock music in Detroit, Hanukkah-themed and otherwise, when Delta staff forced musician Dave Schneider to check his vintage Gibson guitar as luggage and it got caught in a service elevator. The instrument wasn’t destroyed beyond repair, but the repairs were going to cost an estimated $2,000. Then there was a rock miracle. Gibson, the iconic company that made his guitar half a century ago, offered an amazing opportunity: they could offer him not just a factory tour and a 50th anniversary replica of a similar model, but also repair his damaged guitar for free.

Delta, for their part, doesn’t have a guitar factory, but they did offer to pay for the instrument and sent some travel vouchers. More importantly, someone on the executive team sent him an apology that he actually thought was genuine.

Mr. Schneider,
I want to further add apologies on behalf of myself and the entire Delta Executive Leadership team for the inconvenience and stress this situation caused. We are reviewing the series of events in full to ensure appropriate steps are taken to prevent future occurrences. Again, my sincerest apologies–please feel free to contact me directly if you would like to discuss further.
Jon Litzenberger
Delta Air Lines

Musician whose vintage guitar was smashed by Delta gets check from airline, new one from Gibson [Yahoo] (Thanks, Raven and Bri!)

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