If Your Company Runs The Do Not Call List, Make Sure The Telemarketing Department Checks It

One might think that if you’re a company that runs both the Do Not Call registry for a country as well as a telemarketing division, the two departments might compare notes once in a while. Because how embarrassing would it be if the company’s telemarketers called people on that Do Not Call list? So embarrassing, and worth a $110,000 fine.

Service Streams Solutions has two separate operations going on, one that manages the Do Not Call list in Australia and another that wants to tell people in Melbourne all about low-energy light bulbs, standby power controllers and low-flow showerheads, reports the Herald Sun.

The Australian Communications and Media Authority looked into the situation and found that the company illegally called 6,300 households because the phone numbers were incorrectly included on a telemarketing call list during 10 weeks in November 2011.

Apparently the company didn’t bother to check the numbers the telemarketers were using against the Do Not Call numbers after 30 days. Because nothing ever changes, right? No one could’ve possibly been added to that list!

After some staff training and a refresher course on calling list process, the company will still be in charge of managing complaints (including those against itself?) because the two departments are separate.

This is one of the highest penalties for mucking about with Do Not Call since Australia started using the list in 2007.

Do Not Call group fined for phoning households [Herald Sun]

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