Moleskine Is So Great At Quality Control & Customer Service, I Feel Kinda Guilty

Christmas might be over, but we thought we’d spread a bit of holiday cheer by way of Consumerist reader Matthew’s recent warm-and-fuzzy-inducing experience with Moleskine. He admits that he might not even really deserve the experience he had, because he was perfectly happy with his three-pack of Moleskine journals. He just kind of wanted to see if the company was listening. It was.

He’d just purchased the journals to start a food journal (something Matthew advises you not to do when heading to your in-laws for the holidays), as he’d had a good experience using them while traveling in Europe a few years ago. He noted the sticker in the journals that says if you’re unhappy with your journal or anything is wrong with it, you can use the unique number assigned to that product and let Moleskine know about the issue.

Then he got bored.

One day I was bored at work with nothing to do, and flipping through the journals I spotted one or two tiny ink dots on a page. With nothing else going on, I went to the Moleskine website and filled out the online form and uploaded a photo of the dots with the description, “Not a big deal, but this page has some dots of ink.”

I even felt bad about sending it. I imagined some nice lady working at Moleskine, scrolling through all the other quality control emails, viewing photos of hideous, deformed Moleskines wheezing out a “Pleeeease…Killll meeee…” from their crippled pages, and then getting to my photo of one lousy dot of ink on a page and thinking “Pfff! Some dork actually took the time to submit this?”

I didn’t expect anything to come from it, but today I found in the mail a new pack of the notebooks with no explanation, just an invoice saying that the notebooks were $8.95 but a discount was applied for a total of $0. My faith in customer service has been restored.

He adds that this experience was extra delightful in comparison with recent customer service nightmares with other products he’d purchased from retailers like Amazon and Macy’s, so this was a welcome change.

He adds, “So this is me singing Moleskine’s praises. Thankfully they are more serious about their QC than I am about my food journal diet.”

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