Instagram’s Most Followed User Kim Kardashian Might Totally Break Up With It

Image courtesy of (@kimkardashian)

Despite the backpedaling Instagram performed on Tuesday night in the wake of a widespread backlash against its controversial new terms of service and privacy policy, the social media service is still facing the prospect of losing a lot of users. And if it loses its most followed user, things could be even worse. Do you really want Kim Kardashian to leave and possibly take a chunk of her 5.7 million followers with her, Instagram? Well, do ya?

Although we’re sure Instagram doesn’t feel entirely beholden to Kardashian for its survival, she’s still a major player in the social media scene and her followers are likely to side with her on any issues she opens her mouth to talk about.

The Los Angeles Times points out a Tweet from the reality TV vet where she casts doubt on the revised policies, writing:


The town gossips over at TMZ also insist she’s talking to friends about it, which you know, makes it even more likely.

We’re usually not ones to fluff the ego of any Kardashian, but we’d kinda like for her threaten to really do it and see how Instagram reacts. After all, if anyone is going to make money off Kim Kardashian, it’s going to be Kim Kardashian.

Kardashian isn’t the only popular and well-known Instagram account on the line — earlier this week National Geographic announced via a photo on its account that it wouldn’t be adding new photos for the time being, and may cancel the account if the new terms of service aren’t up to snuff.

This isn’t the first time Kardashian has been mixed up in consumer issues we discuss on Consumerist— she’s been involved in newsworthy events from peddling fee-laden debit cards and her dealings with sketchy Skecher Shape-Ups, which were slammed by the FTC with a $40 million fine for claiming to be a form of exercise.

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