Creepy GameStop Stalks Me, Wants To Talk About My Gift Card Late At Night

Michael doesn’t remember registering his gift card with GameStop, and he didn’t associate his cell phone number directly with it. He might have used his PowerUp card to make a purchase using that gift card, but didn’t realize that he was linking them up. Or that GameStop would call him up to pester him about his unspent gift card balance.

He sets the scene:

Thursday night (12/13) around 9:30pm I’m relaxing at home when my cell phone gets a call. Not recognizing the number I let it go to voicemail and see if anyone leaves a message. Sure enough one is left and I go check it…

“hello this is an important message from gamestop. Our records indicate that you have $xx of unused credit on your gift card. Please bring your gift card to your local gamestop to use your credit”.

I’m floored. First, it’s near 10pm at night, they’re calling my private cell phone number, and most importantly, I never gave them permission at all to call me. This gift card was given to me, it was not purchased under any phone number or name. The only thing I can fathom is I used it on a purchase that was tied to my power up card.

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