Best Buy Can’t Actually Find Your Reward Zone Certificates For You

David had some rewards certificates from Best Buy available, and they happen to have the BluRay version of the movie “Rudy” in stock for only $7.99. In theory. The disc was actually marked $19.99, but rang up at $7.99, because nothing in life or at Best Buy is ever simple or straightforward. Great, so they straightened that out: now, could they pull up his certificates from within the store? Of course not.

He writes:

Went to purchase the Rudy Bluray DVD from Best Buy today. Of course, they couldn’t let one simple transaction slip without demonstrating their incompetence. The Bluray is listed on their site at $7.99, but, of course, is out of stock, and not available for In Store Pickup. While running some errands this morning, I decided to stop in the store since it ended up being on my way, and check to see if they happened to have a copy in. Low and behold, they did. Of course, it was Price Marked wrong, at $19.99, but a scan showed it to be selling at the correct price, so I figured I’d scored. Unfortunately, my bad, as I had not planned to go to the store today, I wasn’t carrying any of my Reward Zone certificates on me. I currently have 3 valid ones, $5, $10, and $25, and hoped to use the $5 on on this purchase. Maybe the store could call up my account. SHOULD be no problem for a Tech based store, right? I mean, even CVS can do it. They obviously have access to our accounts. WRONG. One of the clerks pointed me to the CS desk and told me that they could call up my account and print certs from there.

The clerk passed the terminal over to me to log in and what does it show? No certs available. How can that be??? Checked twice, same thing. It shows them being issued, the young girl tried to tell me that issued meant used. Wrong. They were never used, and that is incorrect. But why provide the correct answer when you can provide a wrong one, right? Best Buy Policy. When I got home, I immediately logged into my account, WALLA! There they were, all safe and sound. Magic! Amazing, even after the debacle of 2 different systems a few years ago, they STILL haven’t learned. Unreal

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