Hasbro Meeting With 13-Year-Old To Hear Her Ideas On “Girly” Easy-Bake Ovens

The New Jersey eighth grader who started a campaign for less girly Easy-Bake Ovens is headed straight to the top! And by that we mean she’s meeting with Hasbro’s Easy-Bake team (that team must have a lot of recipes for tiny cookies) to talk about her ideas concerning their product. 

She petitioned the company via Change.org earlier this month after finding their purple-and-pink designs too “girly” for her little brother, garnering over 40,000 signatures so far.

The Associated Press reports that Hasbro has invited the 13-year-old and her family over for a chat session with the Easy-Bake on Monday in Pawtucket, R.I. to hear her thoughts and ideas, ostensibly on how the designers could reach kids of all kinds instead of just those who like pink stuff.

A Hasbro spokeswoman says Hasbro has made the toy in gender-neutral colors in the past, and still thinks it’s a great gift for both girls and boys. But the girl says she was stymied in her quest to give her four-year-old brother an oven because the current version seemed geared only toward girls.

We’re all in favor of nurturing all kids’ aspirations of chefdom, because then by the time they grow up and graduate from Easy-Bake ovens, we’ll get to eat the fruits of all that baking practice. It’s a win-win, right?

NJ girl to meet with Easy-Bake team at Hasbro [Associated Press]

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