Legislator: Traffic Camera Manufacturers Should Be Fined For Each Error

As we’ve seen in previous stories, cameras intended to catch speeders and red-light violators are not perfect, and now a state lawmaker in Maryland believes that the makers of these devices need to be held financially accountable for each instance in which a driver is incorrectly ticketed.

Following a report by the Baltimore Sun showing that five of that city’s 83 speed cameras were inaccurate, state Delagate Jon Cardin from Baltimore County has called for manufacturers to be fined $1,000 for each ticket issued in error.

Additionally, he wants to require that municipalities using these cameras submit regular audits of the cameras to prove they are working correctly.

“Over the last few weeks, the speed camera issue has really shaken all our confidence in what our government is here to do,” Cardin said yesterday. “Is government here to raise revenue, or is government here to keep our residents safe?”

State Senator James Brochin, also of Baltimore County, has called for an end to “bounty” systems that pay speed camera contractors a fee based on the number of tickets issued.

Since 2009, the city of Baltimore has earned about $40 million from traffic violations caught by speed cameras. Of the 1.6 million tickets issued during that time, it claims to have voided around 6,000.

A rep for Xerox State and Local Solutions Inc., the city’s speed camera contractor responded to Cardin’s announcement by saying, “We look forward to seeing the proposal when it is written and working with Delegate Cardin to help keep roads safe by helping reduce the number of speeders on Maryland roadways.”

Lawmaker pitches $1,000 penalty for ‘bogus’ speed camera tickets [Baltimore Sun]

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