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Don’t Throw Money Away On Traffic Ticket “Insurance” Plans

Don’t Throw Money Away On Traffic Ticket “Insurance” Plans

Insurance companies will cover just about anything, but no legitimate insurer has come up with a plan to pay off your traffic tickets, mostly because that might seem like the insurer is tacitly encouraging illegal behavior. But that hasn’t stopped a handful of businesses from popping up, offering to reimburse you for traffic and parking tickets in exchange for a monthly fee. [More]

The two sides of the red-light camera war in New Jersey can not agree on exactly what these videos show.

Video Proves Traffic Lights Are Rigged To Issue More Tickets, Or Maybe It Proves They Aren’t

Red-light cameras — those automated devices that snap photos of drivers caught zipping illegally through an intersection — are a hot-button topic across the country, as cash-strapped governments employ them as a cost-effective way to bring in revenue while opponents claim they are often inaccurate. One New Jersey lawmaker says he has definitive video proof that some traffic lights are rigged to snag a higher number of drivers on camera, but the maker of the cameras says the video actually proves just the opposite. [More]

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Legislator: Traffic Camera Manufacturers Should Be Fined For Each Error

As we’ve seen in previous stories, cameras intended to catch speeders and red-light violators are not perfect, and now a state lawmaker in Maryland believes that the makers of these devices need to be held financially accountable for each instance in which a driver is incorrectly ticketed. [More]

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Woman Loses License Because Red-Light Camera Can’t Read

Municipalities around the country are turning to red-light cameras as a way to bring in traffic violation revenue while freeing up police officers to do other things. Of course, these devices are far from perfect, especially in the dark. But the process of convincing authorities that it couldn’t have been your car in the photo is sometimes more of a hassle than just paying the ticket. [More]

Red Light Camera Company Posts Car Crash Montages On YouTube

Red Light Camera Company Posts Car Crash Montages On YouTube

We’re all familiar with traffic cam footage being used in local news highlights of rain-slicked roads or cars drifting through snowy intersections, but one of the country’s biggest suppliers of red light traffic cameras has been posting collections of crash clips on YouTube to show how dangerous running a red light can be. [More]