Target Stays Current In Literary World, Offers Book By “Emerging Author” Leo Tolstoy

Image courtesy of Meet Leo Tolstoy, everyone!
Meet Leo Tolstoy, everyone!

Meet Leo Tolstoy, everyone!

Eagle-eyed Consumerist reader Len was shopping at Target over the weekend looking for a DVD, when he says something kinda funny caught his eye. No, it wasn’t just that there were two different prices under the same book ($12.95 and $12.76) which might’ve just been a case of a misplaced tome or two. It was the fact that this particular bit of fiction was in the “Emerging Authors” section: Anna Karenina, by that young upstart, Leo Tolstoy.

Yes, there is a new movie out chronicling the sad tale of Anna Karenina starring Keira Knightley in the titular role, but as the Internet or your high school English teacher will tell you, Tolstoy was born in 1828 and “emerged” on the literary scene in the mid 19th century with heavy hitters like Anna and a little something called War and Peace.


Len adds: “Note that the Jane Austen book is the Jane Austen Marriage Manual, a current book by a presumably Emerging Author.”

You’ve really made it now, Leo. Target has dubbed you an emerging author — we feel like you’re finally on your way to the big time.

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