Police Arrest Man At JFK Airport Because Trying To Smuggle 26 Stun Guns Is Frowned Upon

It’s one thing if you somehow forget you’ve got a gun in your carry-on at the airport (although that still seems like a stretch) but moving multiple illegal weapons past security is an entirely different feat. And you probably won’t be successful, as the Transportation Security Administration is usually paying somewhat close attention. Cops say a man tried to scoot a 26 stun guns past security at New York’s John F. Kennedy Airport recently.

Making the man’s attempt particularly sticky is the fact that stun guns are illegal to possess in New York, notes CBS New York.

The Bronx man was attempting to fly to the Dominican Republic with the 26 stun guns in his checked baggage, when he was nabbed by Port Authority Police and arrested instead.

It’s a bold move, and one that likely won’t be chalked up to “Oh, I simply forgot I had those in there and wasn’t including them in any kind of nefarious smuggling plan.”

As always, the TSA is taking this incident as a great time to remind travelers to leave all weapons, stun guns and otherwise, at home.

TSA: Agents Stop Man Who Tried Smuggle 26 Stun Guns Through JFK Airport [CBS New York]

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