Entrepreneur Selling His Last Name To The Highest Bidder To Raise Funds For His Company

Sometimes all you have to trade on is your very own name, which is exactly the bait one man is setting in order to raise funds for his company. The Florida man has been wearing sponsored T-shirts for various companies for a fee, and now he’s offering up his last name to the highest bidder.

CNNMoney says the entrepreneur uses social media to get the word out about his various clients, as well as well, wearing their shirts, for days or weeks at a time. His latest venture to get money will include an online auction, with the winning company gaining his good name for one year.

Whichever company wins, the man will legally change his last name to that company for a year, starting January 1, 2013. Any money he raises with buymylastname.com he’ll invest in his startup. He’s already got a high bid for $34,500 from JLabAudio.

“I’d make online videos wearing the T-shirts, just going about my daily life,” he said about his time wearing sponsored T-shirts. “I wore a different T-shirt for 800 days straight. No day off,” he added.

Wearing a T-shirt is one thing, but trading in on your own good name for a buck? Well, it’s a bit… different.

“Some folks say that I’m selling out,” he said. “Look, I’ve sold the shirt off my back, literally. So this won’t affect my life at all.”

There are a few names he won’t accept — nothing with porn, politics or religion. Which is too bad, because we were going to suggest something like, Mr. McGStringBuddha.

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