35,000 Rubber Ducks Stopped From Entering U.S. Port

(Customs & Border Patrol)

(Customs & Border Patrol)

Last week, more than 35,000 rubber ducks containing high levels of banned chemicals tried to sneak and squeak their way into this country, but their dastardly plot was foiled.

The ducks, sporting holiday-themed garb like Santa hats or gingerbread costumes, were seized following an investigation by the folks at Customs and Border Patrol, which found the rubber water fowl were foul with high levels of a type of chemical known as phthalates.

In addition to being a word whose pronunciation would give Daffy Duck fits, certain phthalates have strict limits placed on their use in products intended for use by children.

“By seizing dangerous toys and children’s products at U.S. ports of entry, CBP and CPSC keep unsafe products off store shelves and out of consumers’ homes,” customs officials told KTLA-TV.

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