Healthy Choice Lasagna Disappoints Hungry Office Worker

Image courtesy of Not stoked for this lasagna.

Amanda keeps some frozen meals stashed in her office freezer for emergency healthy lunch options. Her latest Healthy Choice meal isn’t really so “healthy,” and more “icky. Not that she expects her meal to look like the expertly-styled one on the box, but she does expect it to look and taste edible. That’s an unreasonable expectation, as it turns out.

She writes:

I work in a building that only has two dining options, and neither are two healthy. Plus there aren’t many places within in walking distance for lunch. So, often I bring my own lunch. When I am running late, or forget, I keep some frozen meals in the office freezer. My new favorite ones have been the offerings of Healthy Choice. The steamers and ‘baked’ entrees have been very good. Well, until I tried the lasagna today.

healthy choice lasagna

Not stoked for this lasagna.

Wow, what a way to bring down a Friday, Healthy Choice. I don’t expect my frozen food to look exactly like the box, with its sprig of basil, and lovely green bowl, but what came out was so sad, I had to share with my coworkers, and the world! Not to mention that the bottom layer of pasta was impossible to cut through, despite the new “even bake” tray. I followed all the directions (minus the last one, where it asks you to use a thermometer to check the food temperature) but still what came out was a soupy, rubbery mess.

You know who agrees with her? The fictional meth chef and aspiring decent person Jesse Pinkman of the TV program “Breaking Bad.” Here, he describes his own struggles with frozen lasagna.

You know, it’s like, “Hell yeah, I’m stoked for this lasagna!” Then you nuke it and the cheese on top gets all scabby. It’s like you’re eating a scab. It’s like, whatever happened to truth in advertising, you know? Yeah… it’s bad.

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