Don’t Fall For The ‘Buy Puppies From The Airport’ Scam



So you’re thinking of getting a dog and then you see an ad using the local airport’s logo, images and letterhead saying you can get a pooch from the airport’s kennels; you just have to pay hundreds of dollars in advance before you pick the puppy up. It might seem like an obvious scam to you, but plenty of people are falling for it.

Officials at Hartsfield-Jackson International in Georgia tell Atlanta’s WSBTV that they hear of around 15 people a month who are tricked out of hundreds of dollars by scammers pretending to represent the airport.

WSB says that in the last week alone, three families thought they were rescuing canines from the airport, only to find out that no such program exists.

“The woman we were emailing said the dogs were at the airport, but we needed to send another $400 to get them out of quarantine,” says one father, who had already paid $800 for two fictional dogs. “We knew something was up then.”

The airport cargo manager explains: “So many people get caught up into thinking they got a good deal, or that the person on the other end of the computer or Internet really wants to help them and they don’t realize they’re getting scammed… Airlines may ship dogs, but not the airport.”

The manager’s advice is sound for just about all impulse buys — ask questions and take a day to think about it. And always use a credit card when paying for something online, as it offers the highest level of fraud protection.

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