Zynga Files For Nevada Gambling License So Players Can Gamble Away The Virtual Farm

Thinking of all my hardworking ancestors toiling away on family farms, trying to provide enough food for their sprawling German- and Irish-Catholic families makes me wonder: What would they think of an immensely popular game about farming where players can risk virtual cows for cash? Zynga, the makers of popular online game FarmVille, is taking the next step in gaming by applying for a license to gamble in Nevada.

The company announced the news of its application yesterday as part of a big step toward real-money gaming (also called RMG). FarmVille and its other games are super popular on social networks and elsewhere online, but the company hasn’t quite cracked the code on making a bundle off those ventures, notes CNN.

“This filing continues our strategic effort to enter regulated RMG markets in a prudent way,” said Zynga’s chief revenue officer Barry Cottle. The company is also working with other businesses overseas to ramp up its online gambling, but it’s tougher to do so in the U.S. under current regulations. Hence, Vegas, baby!

You won’t be able to bet the virtual farm right away in Las Vegas casinos, however, as the process will take about 12 to 18 months to complete.

In the meantime, carefully consider what great-grandma and great-grandpa would think of farms that don’t require long days of back-breaking work. Heck, they might be the first to hit the casino if they had the chance.

Zynga bets farm on gaming in Nevada [CNN]

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