Snake On A Plane Causes Emergency Landing, Samuel L. Jackson Reportedly Not Involved

Do not want.

Do not want.

As long as there are snakes and as long as there are planes on which they travel (inadvertently or not), Samuel L. Jackson’s name will live on. To that point, an Egypt Air flight from Cairo to Kuwait was forced to make an emergency landing after a snake bit a man who had smuggled it onboard. Not quite the cinematic snake invasion Mr. Jackson had to battle, but a snake was on a plane, nevertheless. A cobra (!!!!).

The pilot landed the plane in the Egyptian resort town of Al Ghardaqa reports The Jordan Times (via CNN), after the passenger was bitten on the hand by the Egyptian cobra. He had reportedly been trying to control the reptile, which had been hidden in his carry-on bag, when the animal bit him and started to slither under the seats.

The man refused medical treatment for the bite, saying the wound was just superficial, and local authorities confiscated the snake before the plane resumed its flight to Kuwait. Egyptian cobras are common in North Africa, and their bite is so deadly it can kill a person in about 15 minutes.

We’ve gotta say, everyone reporting the story seems weirdly calm about a deadly cobra popping out of a bag with fangs full of venom.  All’s well that ends well, or so the saying goes, but if I was anywhere near a cobra I would commence freaking right out.

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