Tiny Bell-Ringing Horse Increases Salvation Army Donations Tenfold

You know what people love? Animals. If you’re looking to collect donations for charity, consider deploying a small, cute animal to attract attention and piles of cash. That’s what the Salvation Army in Wisconsin has done with Tinker the miniature horse. The bell-ringing equine attracts massive crowds, sells buttons with his photo on them, and can rake in $2,500 at a location that would normally collect $250 during a horse-free period.

“I actually save up all my donation and give it to Tinker because I have such a soft place in my heart for him,” one donor told the Associated Press.

While on the job, Tinker wears a Santa hat and Salvation Army apron. He has a bell tied to his tail and holds one in his mouth. He’s been trained to ring the bell.

Odd news: Miniature horse rings bell for Salvation Army [AP] (via Fark)

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