Presenting A Handy Map To Every Grocery Store

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See full image below

See full image below

While this map may not physically match every grocery store you’ve ever been to, it certainly contains all the major elements, conveniences and annoyances.

In the diagram below, Jeff of dissects the anatomy of a typical American grocery store, from the back wall lined with “cow juice” and “dead animals” to the produce section divided into “stuff that grows on trees,” “stuff that grows on the ground,” and “that one exotic fruit that costs $14.”

Throughout the map, Jeff calls out the typical people and interactions you can expect to encounter. There’s the “person you know but don’t really want to say ‘hi’ to right now,” the “lady from 1992 paying with a check” and the guy holding up one of the two open checkout lines because he has to run back and get something he’d forgotten about.

Check out the entire map below and be sure to check out Jeff’s other work at


[via Buzzfeed]

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