Best Buy Employee: We’re Not Always Trying To Upsell You Credit Cards And Warranties

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Over the summer, a handful of Best Buy employees wrote in with tales of mismanagement that didn’t paint the rosiest picture of what it’s like to work at the store. But one woman who works at Best Buy says you can’t judge all the stores based on a few stories about bad ones.

Writing to the folks at Business Insider, the employee describes her particular store as “wonderful.”

“I was never told to sell solutions or I’d be written up, nor have I been given any pamphlets that I have to give to customers,” she writes, explaining that she decides whether or not to attempt a credit card upsell on a case-by-case basis.

“For example, if someone comes in and buys a candy bar and seems in a rush, I am obviously not going to ask them if they want to apply for a credit card because they are in a rush,” she tells Business Insider.

She admits that sometimes the stresses of everyday life — which we all have, unless you’re a robot who stows yourself away in a robot locker when not working — get to people and that those stresses can bubble up to the surface.

But she does end her note with a very sensible bit of advice that all would be advised to remember: “Standing on your feet for eight to ten hours a day is difficult, and I think if customers had a little more patience, everyone would have a better day.”

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