Thieves Make Off With $1.5M In iPad Minis From JFK Cargo Hold Using Airport’s Fork Lifts

It’s so convenient when you don’t even have to provide your own tools during a heist, isn’t it? Two thieves made off with about $1.5 million in Apple iPad Minis from a cargo building at John F. Kennedy International Airport using the airports very own forklifts to load the loot onto a truck. In another twist made for headlines, it’s the same building featured in the big $5 million heist in Goodfellas.

The New York Post says the thieves launched their scheme near midnight on Monday and would’ve taken more than two pallets of the tablets if an airport worker hadn’t shown up to challenge them.

“So, as a caper goes, it was probably unsuccessful,” a source said. Sounds like someone considers themselves a bona fide caper expert!

Law enforcement suspects and inside job and have been talking to airport workers and doling out polygraph tests to get to the bottom of the plan. Officials think someone let the suspects into the area where the cargo building is located and then let them out again afterward.

For those not familiar with Martin Scorsese’s repertoire, Goodfellas includes a scene where a mobster masterminds the robbery of $5 million in cash and $900,000 worth of jewelry from that same building at JFK in 1978. That’s about $20 million in today’s money, which could buy plenty of iPad Minis.

Crooks steal $1.5M in iPads from JFK [New York Post]

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