Hide Your Valuables Where No One Will Ever Look

Image courtesy of (J.G. Park)

The best way to keep baddies from stealing your valuables is to not own anything valuable in the first place, but that’s no fun. Instead, consider hiding your valuables in places no one will look. Jewelry box? The obvious place to keep your grandmother’s pearls. An aspirin bottle in the medicine cabinet? Not so much! And who would look for a wad of cash wrapped in foil in an old Gardenburger box in your freezer?

Other ideas compiled by Lifehacker:

In your kid’s room. Perform stuffed animal surgery and hide the item there. Hint: use a toy that isn’t your kid’s favorite, so they don’t take it anywhere.

The aforementioned aspirin bottle. You can also try a soup can or coffee can. Warning: make sure other household members know not to throw this container away. Though writing “VALUABLE STUFF – DO NOT TRASH” on it in Sharpie probably isn’t going to help.

You can also try creating a fake stash. A small jewelry box without your real valuables inside, a fake file of important financial documents, or a relatively small amount of cash in your sock or desk drawer will catch the attention of thieves who just want to be in and out of your home before anyone notices they were ever there.

The Best Places to Hide Valuables in Your House [Lifehacker]

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