Man Finds $20,000 In Used Book; Wants To Give It Back

Image courtesy of (CBS Boston)

(CBS Boston)

If you brought home some dusty tome from a local used book-swap and discovered $20,000 stashed in its pages, what would you do? The answer for one Massachusetts man is to try to locate the book’s previous owner and give it back.

“The first thing I was thinking was, ‘let me see if I can find a name in this book, then I can give back the money,’” the man tells CBS Boston about finding the wad of cash hidden among the pages of a book he’d picked up at a book exchange in Wellesley. “But unfortunately, I looked and could not find anything.”

He’s not revealing details about the book because he’s hoping that someone will contact him at with enough info (book title, amount of money in the book, other items hidden in the pages) that would identify the person as the rightful owner.

If no one comes forward with the correct information to claim the cash, the man says he’ll donate some of the money to charity and keep the rest.

But if we’ve learned anything from repeated viewings of Shallow Grave, No Country For Old Men, and A Simple Plan over the years, we hope that the previous owner of the book is just some old spinster who didn’t trust banks and not murderous criminals.

Maybe this book is a counterpart to the one in Indiana with the gun stashed inside?

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