Japan’s New “Pepsi Special” Claims It Can Reduce Fat So You Can Eat Crap, Be Skinny


Pepsi is trying to pull a move in Japan with a new drink called “Pepsi Special” that would probably not fly with consumer watchdogs over here in the U.S. The company is reportedly touting the beverage as one that can basically cut down on your body’s fat so you can just go around chomping on burritos the size of your head and cheese fries with gravy (mmm, cheese) and still get skinny. That’s what we call wishful thinking.

The fiber-infused drink goes on sale starting tomorrow and comes loaded with dextrin. Pepsi’s distributor there, Suntory, says that fiber helps to cut down on the body’s fat levels.

ABC News says a commercial for the miraculous stuff features a guy trying to decide between a woman in a pizza costume and another in a burger outfit. You can have BOTH if you drink Pepsi Special, see?

Grossly enough, this isn’t the first weird Pepsi flavor to hit Japan. How’d you like to try out some strawberry and milk, salty watermelon or yogurt Pepsi? Yikes.

On American soil you can’t powers for your product unless you’ve got pretty darn solid scientific evidence that it’ll do what it says. Remember Skechers Shape-Ups? Or how about Reebok Toners? We’ve got our eye on you, Pepsi Special, in case you try to skip across the ocean.

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