If You Buy An iPad In A Gas Station Don’t Be Surprised If It Turns Out To Be A Picture Frame

Here at Consumerist we like to keep our readers in the loop about schemes, cheats and tricks we hear about so you don’t end up as a victim. Unfortunately for a few wannabe iPad owners, they apparently hadn’t heard the story of the woman who bought one of the tablets at a gas station only to find out she’d really purchased a mirror. A couple unsuspecting consumers in Miami were looking for cheap electronics, but they ended up with picture frames after dealing with strangers at a gas station.

Cops tell CBS Miami two men were caught on surveillance video peddling the fake iPads to two people at a gas station near Miami. The duo offered iPads to customers in the gas station for the bargain basement price of only $200 each, showing off a sealed Apple box concealed inside FedEx envelopes.

Bargain price for an iPad, yes. But for picture frames nestled in bubble wrap? Not so much — and that’s what the two victims ended up with when the sales was all done.

Police are taking this unfortunate circumstance as yet one more opportunity to warn the tech-lovers out there of something we can’t say enough: If something seems too good to be true, it almost definitely is.

If you don’t want to wave goodbye to your hard-earned dollars, please, don’t buy electronics at gas stations, rest stops, street corners or anywhere else that isn’t an electronics store.

Video Catches Scammers Peddling Picture Frames As iPads [CBS Miami]

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