Sandy Tries To Make Up For Devastation By Delivering A Stocked Bar To Neighborhood

Sandy ticked off a lot of people, but at least in one small, boozy way, she’s taken a step in making amends with the residents of one Brooklyn neighborhood. During her reign of havoc last week, Sandy pulled a marina pub loose from where it floated near the business’ main structure and sent it floating two miles to a residential street.

Upon inspecting the  hut, which is believed to have come from a nearby establishment, neighbors were surprised and pleased to find that there were plenty of bottles intact to raise recently devastated spirits, reports the New York Post.

While we’re not trying to make light of the horrific situation now faced by countless storm survivors, a free drink can go a long way.  So sayeth those who got to partake in Sandy’s surprise.

“We had a big party. We had nothing else to do while we were waiting for everything else to dry, and this was a great opportunity to get our minds off everything,” said one of the residents who visited the temporary bar.

Inside, tables and chairs remained intact, along with all that stuff to drink. The neighbors dubbed it “Sandy’s Bar” with red marker, and imbibed until the free supply ran out. The bonding was just beginning, however, as people brought their own beverages and set up power generators to keep the good times going.

“We had Jameson, Skyy Vodka and a bunch of beer,” said  another resident. “We packed 40 people in there. That’s a lot of body heat to stay warm.”

Finally, officials came to clear away the structure, citing safety reasons. The party might be over but at least the neighbors got to have a little fun after going through such an awful experience.

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