Dress Your Baby In ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’ Clothing Now, Answer Awkward Questions Later

Is this a bedtime story, Mom?

“Mommy, who is Christian Grey and why is he responsible for my birth?” That’s the kind of question parents will be answering when the babies they’re decking out in 50 Shades of Grey onesies start looking at their baby pictures. And likely many a mother-in-law will raise an eyebrow at apparel declaring, “I pretend Christian Grey is my Daddy.” Oh, boy. 

Buzzfeed takes a look at a plethora of baby gear inspired by the so-called “Mommy porn,” which features the main dashing character of Christian Grey, a domineering sexual powerhouse with a heart of — what else? — gold.

From the pile of mostly homemade offerings:

“9 months ago my mommy read fifty shades of Grey;” “My Mommy pretends Christian Gray is my Daddy;” a play on the nickname given to SPOILER ALERT the couple’s eventual baby with “I’m ‘Lil Blip’, Thank you 50 Shades of Grey;” “Generation Grey;” and our favorite, “i pretend christian grey is my daddy,” complete with a set of darling handcuffs.

Adorable (?) and yet… maybe going a little bit overboard in Fifty Shades fanaticism. But hey, they’re your kids, people. Just be prepared for those inevitable questions down the line.

“50 Shades Of Grey” Products For Kids [Buzzfeed]

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