You Won’t Get Paid For Breaking Into A Home & Billing The Owner For Your Cleaning Services While There

Despite how dirty you might think a home is and how in need it is of a cleaning, breaking in to tidy up and leaving a bill for your services isn’t going to be an easy way to make a living. And if you leave your phone number, it’s all the more convenient for the police. A woman near Cleveland allegedly decided to take an unconventional business tactic by doing exactly that.

According to The Chronicle-Telegram, the woman was driving past a house when she apparently “wanted something to do.” So she pulled up and made her way inside, where she washed some coffee cups, took out the trash, vacuumed and dusted.

The entire time, the homeowner’s 19-year-old daughter was upstairs sleeping. She apparently thought her mom hired a cleaning service to come by.

When the woman left, she wrote down her fee for services rendered — $75 — and her phone number on a napkin. She claims that her cleaning business often finds her entering homes, cleaning them and leaving bills.

But police have charged her with attempted burglary because it’s pretty important that the homeowner be aware you’re stopping by to tidy up.

‘Cleaning Fairy’ pleads guilty to charges of attempted burglary in Cuyahoga County [The Chronicle-Telegram]

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