Cablevision To Offer Credit For Customers Without Power After Hurricane

With lots of people in New Jersey and New York still waiting for power to be turned back on in their homes, the last thing they should have to worry about is the cable bill. Thus, the folks at Cablevision have announced they will be offering account to customers whose cable and Internet are out, even if the outage is due to lack of power to the home.

In a statement to Consumerist:

Optimum customers can receive credit for any full or partial day during which they were unable to access Optimum services, even if the disruption was caused by a loss of electrical power. The company is asking customers to call after their Optimum service is restored, so it can calculate and apply the full credit to which a customer is entitled.

Customers who have experienced a loss of service should contact Cablevision within 30 days of service being restored and request a credit for their regular monthly charges during the period when Optimum TV, phone or Internet products were unavailable, including periods when there was no electricity to the home or business where the services are received.

Cablevision customers who have returned home to find damaged equipment — set-top boxes or cable modems — will receive replacement equipment with no penalty.

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