It Should Go Without Saying: Do Not Install Satellite TV Dishes Near Beehives

We are big advocates for safety here at Consumerist, and that goes not only for the everyday consumer, but also the workers on the job providing services for others. And while one might not think this warning needs to be voiced, we’ll say it anyway: Do not install satellite TV equipment (or really, anything) near a beehive without first making sure it’s empty. You never know when you’re going to anger the little buggers.

A DirecTV installer found that out the hard way in Maricopa, Ariz. recently, when he attempted to rig up some satellite TV equipment at a home.

At first just a few bees showed up to bother the man, reports KPHO News, but as bees do, soon more buzzing buddies showed up until there was an entire swarm stinging and attacking the man.

By the time fire rescue crews showed up to assist the beleaguered man, two other people at the home were complaining of bee stings. Firefighters subdued the pests by spraying foam to get rid of the aggressive bees, and the installer was rushed to the hospital to get treatment for dozens of bees stings, along with one of the residents of the home. Everyone is expected to be okay.

Except for the bees, that is —  a local bee keeper came in to help remove the rest of the hive.

Bee swarm attacks TV installer, 2 others in Maricopa []

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