The Not-For-Sale DVD Players And The Invisible Raincheck

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Yesterday, we asked you for your tales of big-box stores with items on the sales floor that weren’t actually for sale. A decade ago, Jan scored a consumer victory against Best Buy with the help of her state attorney general. Big Blue and Yellow had a case full of portable DVD players that they wouldn’t sell her, claiming that they were on hold for customers with rain checks. Guess who had a rain check? Jan.

Let’s o back in time ten years and let her tell the story…

I wanted a portable DVD player for my son who was going off on his own in another state. They had a stack of them. When I asked for one (all behind a glass case which was locked), I was told they were being held for those with rain checks. Well, I had a rain check and still they would not sell to me.

I contacted my state attorney general, won a cash penalty against Best Buy, used it to buy exactly the amount of the penalty and never have set foot inside one again.

I also warn others about the tactics of baloney from Best Buy. I bet they have lost 10 grand just from my buying a new computer every other years since then.

Well done, Jan! We’ve noticed that frustrated consumers will often contact the Better Business Bureau before their state attorney general’s office. Both entities have their uses, but BBB membership and accreditation are voluntary. It’s the AG that’s part of the government and can impose fines and enforce laws.

When Stuff For Sale At A Big-Box Retailer Isn’t For Sale

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