My Flight Was Canceled Due To Sandy, Frontier Airlines Doesn’t Bother To Tell Me

Image courtesy of The marketing department is safe.

The marketing department is safe.

If your flight gets canceled, how are you supposed to find out? Melinda was scheduled to fly on Frontier Airlines, and figured that her flight would get canceled due to Hurricane Sandy. She at least expected a robocall from the airline once the cancellation happened. Or for her flight info to no longer be in the “flight checker.”

I’m not going to hate on Frontier for canceling my flights this week due to Hurricane Sandy – that makes total sense. What is ridiculous is that I have heard nothing about this cancellation from Frontier.

I was expecting the cancellation, or at least planned to take advantage of free itinerary changes. According to Frontier’s travel advisory page on its main website, my flight has been canceled for about 24 hours now. I have received no e-mails, texts, or even robocalls from Frontier mentioning this, despite giving them all the proper information both in booking and as a frequent flier. When I login to Frontier’s website, it takes me only to my itinerary purchase confirmation. If you input the flight information into its status checker, it reports this flight is still “on time” despite the fact that all operations on my flight day have ceased at my departure airport. I can’t even begin to figure out how I’m supposed to change my flight or request a cancellation refund online, and will likely have to brave the call center tomorrow.

Frontier’s marketing department, however, appears to be alive and well! Just sent me an ad for flight discounts in the new year …

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