Drunk Or Sober, Jeff Goldblum Is Way Too Into PayPal

Image courtesy of "I bought a chair while sitting in a chair..."

“I bought a chair while sitting in a chair…”

We know — or at least we believe — that actor Jeff “Brundlefly” Goldblum isn’t actually intoxicated in these ads for PayPal. But honestly, they would make more sense if he actually were under the influence.

He’s amazed that he can order a chair while sitting on a chair. He waves to PayPal on his imaginary phone like it’s an actual buddy of his. He’s not giving up the secret code on the back of his credit, no he’s not.

Just watch for yourself. Even if these hadn’t been slowed down to give Mr. Goldblum the appearance of being blotto, his thoughts on the merits of PayPal are not exactly selling the service.

And really this is all just so we can remind PayPal customers that they have until Dec. 1 to opt out of its new forced arbitration clause and only until Nov. 9 to opt out of parent company eBay’s arbitration agreement.

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