At Banana Republic That Line Slashing Through A Price Is Just For Decoration

Hurray!… Oh.

Shopping can be very confusing — styles, cuts, washes fabrics… It makes the head spin. But what can make it all the more mind-boggling is when something is advertised as a sale, but then really it appears to have the price adjusted to cost more. Consumerist reader Bryan, a “well dressed, yet thrifty man,” was tempted by a recent Banana Republic email promotion.

He writes:

I thought you might like this gem. I got an email this morning from Banana Republic advertising up to 40% off on select styles. As a well dressed, yet thrifty man, I bit and clicked on the link. Going down the list I came across this stellar deal on a nice pair of pants.

Now when a line is drawn through a price, we as shoppers have been conditioned to think that the retailer is doing away with the old price and will introduce a lower one, which is sometimes highlighted by using red type. But that’s not the case in this particular pair of pants, which in two places appear to go from $79.50 to a new, heftier price tag of $100.

However if the thorough shopper were to click through on that item and add it to their shopping bag, the real sale would be unlocked. Those dark grey vintage jeans won’t actually cost $100, they’ll only run you $68.

Alas, not all shoppers are so dedicated, which means you could miss out on a discount and Banana Republic could miss out on a sale. It’s a lose-lose situation.

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