Selling Me Hundreds Of Cans Of Soup For Food Bank Is Just More Work For Walmart Employees

Image courtesy of (frankieleon)

Johnny went to Walmart early in the morning to purchase a huge amount of soup for a food drive. This is a case where he couldn’t win: visiting the store at 6 AM, it was understaffed and only the self checkout was open. If he had visited later in the day, it would have been busy and cashiers wouldn’t have had time to help him locate hundreds of cans of soup to donate.

Stopped by Walmart on 10/20 at 6am to purchase canned goods for the [redacted] Food Drive. I do business with Chilis who has drop off barrels for this drive. After looking thru canned foods I decided on Walmart brand soup. Its was the cheapest and I could buy more of it. I asked for a manager to help me.

I needed more than what was on the shelf. An employee who had no idea how to use P.A. system ended up calling Mgr on her cell phone. Later the Mgr met me at the Isle. I told her what I wanted. She scanned item and said she couldn’t help me, they only had the amount on the shelves. So I asked about a different soup 11 cents more a can. She scanned it and said they had 288 in stock, Take what I wanted. I pointed out all the soup behind that tag was Mushroom not chicken noodle which is 20cents ore a can. She called to the back and after explaining to someone that the wrong soup was out, walked off.

Later I found a display in the center isle with the soup, and loaded 15 cases. I then did personal shopping and went to check out. The Mgr was at the check out and when she saw me she said she couldn’t find the soup. I told her I did and needed checking out at a register not the self checkout. No way I will run 360 cans thru it one at a time. She told me register 7.

I then waited and waited. The Mgr and two employees were down the front of the store talking. There were 6 or 8 customers waiting for one of them to fix self checkout registers and were not happy. I walked down to a lady stocking gum between registers and explained what I needed. Without looking up she screamed someones name. I went to wait again. After several minutes back to the lady who this time yelled at me “shes at the register”. Back to Wait, and again back to have the lady scream someones name again. The Mgr walked off never looking at all the pissed customers, and the two employees talked some more. I finally pushed my cart down to the two girls talking and said you can put this away I’m going to Kroger. Moral of the story at the [redacted] Ga Walmart even buying for charity wont get you any customer service.

To be fair to the cashiers, for all they knew, Dan wasn’t really making a donation, but is some kind of pathological liar who plans to take some kind of ritual bath in chicken noodle soup.

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