Complaining About McDonald’s Food Is One Thing But Slapping Workers Is Just Rude

A disappointing meal can be quite the infuriating experience, that much is true. However, as good consumers, we must complain with our words and not with slaps. A woman in Pennsylvania allegedly resorted to such uncouth tactics, unfortunately, after her meal from McDonald’s was less than happy.

Police tell The Patriot-News that the woman in question “was unhappy with service at a McDonald’s” drive-thru early on Saturday. It perhaps could’ve had something to do with the fact that she appeared intoxicated, say police.

The woman reportedly wasn’t content with whatever she had ordered at the drive-thru, and came into the store around 3 a.m. That’s when the you-know-what hit the fan.

“[The woman] entered the business and slapped a manager,” police said. “[She] also accosted a second employee outside the business before fleeing in her car. During the scuffles, [the woman] did damage property of the business.”

Police arrested her for those shenanigans and gave her a field sobriety test, which she failed. She’ll be charged with driving under the influence highest rate, harassment, disorderly conduct, and criminal mischief.

Unhappy McDonald’s customer arrested after attack on employees [The Patriot-News]

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