Man Booted From New York Public Library For Excessive B.O. Wants $5.5 Million

For three years, a Manhattan man has been stewing over getting booted from a branch of the New York Public Library for giving off a funky smell. The way he sees it, he doesn’t have a body odor problem, and as such he should get $5.5 million. He’s suing the library now to stand up for his right to smell however he wants.

The 80-year-old man says he’s been a loyal library patron for 20 years and no one had ever brought up the issue of his alleged B.O. before, reports the New York Post. When a manager requested he leave, he was humiliated.

He says in court papers that he isn’t the stinky one, anyway. In fact, he“found the branch manager to be giving off an odor but never objected, understanding that such a challenge to the senses was just a fact of life in the city.”

And also? Everyone smells different, he explains, as “individuals with different diets from different culture often emit an odor that is alien to others outside the group.”

He doesn’t want anyone else to get away with discriminating against people based on something like that.

“It’s not about the amount of money; it’s about standing up for your rights,” he explained to the paper. He say no one else has ever told him he emits any sort of stench and he only stank one time.

“The only time I had an odor was when I was doing long-distance running and I was sweating,” he said. “I’ve got no body odor.”

“The library manager asked him to leave the library, citing our rules and regulations,” a library spokeswoman said in response to the story. “[The man] was not barred from the library and has returned several times since without incident.”

Manhattan man booted from public library for body odor sues for $5.5M [New York Post]

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