At Many Minnesota DMVs, Wait 2 Months Or Get In Line At 4 A.M. For Driver’s License

Oh, the dreaded Department of Motor Vehicles, where hopes are raised and dashed, where snaking long lines and confusing paperwork contribute to an atmosphere hellish enough to discourage even the most stalwart driver. If there’s a way for a DMV to be even more awful, Minnesota’s in the running for that dubious honor. Hopeful drivers-to-be in the state are apparently stuck either waiting two months to take a driving test or have to show up as early as 4 a.m. to take their shot behind the wheel.

CBS Minnesota says the backlog is due to examiner vacancies and last year’s state government shutdown. Applicants are reporting having to schedule road tests in advance as far as two months out, while others have resorted to lining up outside exam sites where it’s first come, first served. Hence, long lines of cars waiting at 4 a.m.

A Department of Public Safety spokesman says things get even more delayed when applicants have to make multiple appointments, as 41% fail the test on the first go around.

“We’ve encountered folks that are scheduling two or even three appointments, and that’s taking appointments away from other people who might need them,” he explained.

Even waiting in line might not work, as one potential driver found out recently, telling the news station that even though they were third in line, there was no chance of an immediate appointment.

I feel your pain, wannabe drivers. You don’t want to know how shrill my cry of despair was when I was told I couldn’t bring home my actual license from the DMV until I got a new Social Security card, and had to wait an entire week for that to happen. Sorry, Mom.

Arrive At 4 A.M. Or Wait 2 Months For Driver’s License Test [CBS Minnesota]

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