Is A $2K Tip Enough Reward For Returning Lost Laptop Case Stuffed With $222K In Cash?

While it might be nice to fantasize about finding a bag stuffed full of cash and somehow being able to keep it for yourself with no one noticing, in reality the easiest and most honest thing to do is turn it in. Which is exactly what a Las Vegas cab driver did when he discovered a laptop bag filled with $221,510 in his car.

The Las Vegas Review-Journal says the driver was cleaning out the back seat of his van before his shift started when he came upon the bag of moola. He called the driver who’d had the car earlier in the day to see if he’d somehow left behind the fortune, and nope, it wasn’t his fellow cabbie’s dough.

He took the bag to the security office at the company that operates his cab outfit, where an officer snapped pictures of the bag for evidence and told him to go on his way.

Soon after, the security office called the cab driver back and said he was needed at the office. Surprise! The owner of the cash is standing in front of him, smiling with glee to have recovered his gambling winnings. As a thank-you, he gave the driver a hug and a $2,000 tip to reward his honesty.

While that’s money he didn’t have before, friends of the Ethiopian cab driver say he should’ve at least gotten 10% as a tip — after all, the going rate for tipping is 15-20%, right? Or at least an official thank you from the cab company itself. But it’s company policy not to comment on lost items whatsoever, a spokesman said. Basically, “what happens in the cab, stays in the cab.”

What do you think?

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