LivingSocial Is Sorry It Tricked Me Into Thinking I Hadn’t Used A Voucher, Turns Frown Upside Down

Sometimes businesses mess up just a little bit, and sometimes they mess up a whole lot. But when those companies come through for consumers over even the smallest stuff, that’s when it’s almost more important to take note of how they deal with the situation. For example, Consumerist reader Adrienne received an email from LivingSocial reminding her to use a voucher she’d already used, temporarily raising her hopes that she had another to use.

She writes:

LivingSocial recently gave out $10 vouchers to some users in order to promote their new takeout and delivery options. I used the voucher within the week to order from my local pizza place. A couple of days ago I received an email reminding me to use my voucher. Since I had already redeemed my code, I was a bit confused and logged on to my account just to be sure; nothing was there. I’ll be honest I was a little bummed out, there is always that thought in the back of your head that says “maybe you got another one!” No such luck.

It’s understandable — your hopes are raised and then dashed. Even if it was just a tiny hope, it’s not fun to be let down. But then LivingSocial came through with nary a complaint from Adrienne, and sent her  (and ostensibly any others in the same boat) the below email:

Dear Customer,
Earlier today, we sent you an email notifying you that you had a $10 voucher to use for LivingSocial Takeout & Delivery. Unfortunately, you already used that voucher, and you were mistakenly sent that reminder email.
We deeply regret any confusion this may have caused you.
As an apology, we’d like to give you a $10 code — good for the next 24 hours, expiring on 10/9/12 at 11:59 PM — for any restaurant you’d like.
This code is only valid for regular Takeout & Delivery food orders. It cannot be applied to any Daily Deals or Takeout & Delivery deal specials

The LivingSocial Takeout & Delivery Team

Adrienne adds that sure, it’s only a code for the next 24 hours, “but still, totally amazing.”

It’s like they’re mind readers over there!

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