Apple: If You’re Seeing Purple Haze In iPhone 5 Photos, Hold Your Phone At Another Angle

As with many tech products, Apple’s had a few bumps in this latest iPhone rollout. First there was the whole Apple  maps issue, and now some users are reporting a purple haze showing up in photos taken with their iPhone 5 cameras. But hey, at least Apple is offering some advice on how to avoid the haze. Because no one wants purple haze on all their pictures and if you do, there’s probably an app for that.

Business Insider points out that Apple is taking another hit and officially acknowledging the purple haze problem that has been reported by iPhone 5 users.

Well, it doesn’t say that it’s a problem with the iPhone 5 but says maybe users should reposition their cameras when snapping a pic to avoid that potential issue. It’s described as “a purplish or other colored flare, haze, or spot is imaged from out-of-scene bright light sources during still image or video capture.”

The official word on the street from Apple in the support document:

Most small cameras, including those in every generation of iPhone, may exhibit some form of flare at the edge of the frame when capturing an image with out-of-scene light sources. This can happen when a light source is positioned at an angle (usually just outside the field of view) so that it causes a reflection off the surfaces inside the camera module and onto the camera sensor. Moving the camera slightly to change the position at which the bright light is entering the lens, or shielding the lens with your hand, should minimize or eliminate the effect.

There you have it. You brought this purple haze upon yourself.

Apple Acknowledges An iPhone 5 Camera Issue [Business Insider]

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