Impersonating A Cop To Score Free McDonald’s Is Frowned Upon By Actual Police

The lengths to which we hear about people going to get free grub at fast food joints sometimes makes us wonder if we’re missing something. It’s understandable to an extent — short on cash, really hungry, etc. — but impersonating a cop just for some french fries? That’s a pretty serious tack to take and one that will likely result in time behind bars.

Cops in Florida say a man demanded free food at a McDonald’s drive-thru, by flashing a fake gun and police badge. He didn’t stop at just flashing his credentials, either. Oh no — the Associated Press says he went so far as to say he had just come from a sting and that’s why he didn’t have his wallet. You know how pesky wallets can be during sting operations!

Workers had a feeling he was maybe possibly sort of not a real police officer, and called the actual authorities in to handle the situation. When law enforcement arrived, the man at first ignored their demands that he show his hands, but he ended up surrendering at gunpoint. Going to serious lengths here, people.

Cops found two fake police badges and a handgun in his car, and charged the man with impersonating a police officer and improper exhibition of a firearm.

Alleged Fake Cop Accused Of Demanding Food From McDonald’s [Associated Press]

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