Lender’s Introduces The Baker’s Half-Dozen: Five Bagels

Kroger is ever so thoughtful. Maybe a little creepy, too. Michael received an e-mail from the grocer notifying him that a product he’s bought in the past–Lender’s frozen bagels–won’t be available anymore. That’s sad, but we’re sure that he’ll muddle through somehow. “Nice to know they’re concerned about our finding products we’ve shopped for….” he writes.

This innocent family has NO IDEA that their favorite breakfast foods have been moved. None.

Oh, but there’s more to it than that: Kroger wants to be sure that he knows there’s a similar item on the shelves that he can still buy: a five-pack of frozen bagels from Lender’s.

Yes, Lender’s has taken the baker’s dozen in the other direction, and has Grocery Shrink Rayed a half-dozen bagels into five.