Sprint Won’t Grant Employee Discount, New Customer Threatens Unholy Twitter War

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Earlier today, we shared the story of a new Sprint customer who signed up because he was offered a 25% employee discount for a company he doesn’t actually work for. As it turns out, it doesn’t matter whether you work for the company or not: Sprint will still resist giving you the employee discount you were promised. That’s what Gerry learned. He works for the cable channel G4, part of NBC-Universal-Comcast-Kabletown, and is entitled to a 25% discount from Sprint. In theory. In practice, there doesn’t seem to be enough proof in the world for Sprint to believe that Gerry actually works where he says he does. Pay stub? No. Badge? No. E-mail address? No. Not enough.

I’m your huckleberry, Sprint.

I really have to hand it to you, I’m already sick of your company and it’s only been a single billing cycle. Bravo.

Honestly, if this doesn’t go my way, I’m ringing the number listed on my bill for California residents to complain about phone companies and we can negotiate the outcome in public on Twitter.

I left AT&T because my HR department, AND your own Sprint Rep – ([redacted] cc’ed here) both told me that I was entitled to a 25% discount on my phone bill. I have friends at G4 that recommended Sprint for just this reason. Anyway, I’ll turn to my twitter account, where I will hound you – day and night until you abide by terms of your own corporate discount offer.

This was some of the fun I had when Microsoft tried to screw me. It was cool, after that it only took 10 minutes for MS to resolve the issue. The lesson here is that you don’t have to be Patrick Stewart to get satisfaction on Twitter. I’ve learned that companies – especially tech giants just don’t care about you once a contract is signed – the only way to get companies to learn their lesson is to rub their nose in the mess.

As to my very simple problem, I have provided you with your own corporate discount code for both G4 & NBC-U, my pay stub, my badge, my corp email (several times) I’ve spoken with customer service reps,
I’ve had my account noted with the reason for my calls, I’ve even had the discount applied to my first month’s bill by a human being that I somehow found at Sprint on the phone over the weekend.

You have said you will take 2 weeks to figure out if you will honor your own discount, but I’m not giving you that long. If the corporate discount isn’t applied by the end of the business day this coming Thursday October 4th I will begin my glorious holy war. I also want the two activation fees waived, as that is also a part of the corporate discount.

Really, this is a great opportunity for you to prove that you’re not as horrible as AT&T. I’m not saying you have to be a great, or even a good company – you just have to step over the bar set by AT&T. It’s not hard.

While you’re “researching” this further I’ll be “researching” how best to shit all over you beginning Thursday at 5 PM. I’m sure we both have better things to do.

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