Stealing Tide Is Still Enough Of A Problem That This CVS Has Theft-Protection Devices On The Stuff

Just try and steal me, why don’t ya?

We’ve written in the past about what a highly-prized item Tide laundry detergent is for thieves looking to resell the stuff on the black market, but now we’ve got photographic proof that stores aren’t taking the shoplifting threat lying down.

Consumerist reader Christopher sent in this pic from a CVS in Philadelphia that illustrates just seriously retailers are taking the potential for thievery.

Theft-prevention devices on expensive clothing, accessories or electronics? Totally commonplace. But because everyone wants, needs and uses detergent to clean clothing and because Tide is a brand everyone knows, thieves have been boosting it from shelves in order to make a profit. Hence, the attached “you better not try to steal this” devices.

Wish we could say we’re shocked, simply shocked that it’s come down to this, but hey, if you don’t want to lose your products to people with sticky fingers, better safe than sorry.

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