You Can Now Buy Your ‘American Horror Story’ Gimp Suit From Target For $43

Image courtesy of "Oh, hi there... You're home early."

“Oh, hi there… You’re home early.”

About this time last year, lots of TV viewers were surely watching American Horror Story on FX and saying, “I’d really love to buy that rubber gimp suit that every male on the show seems to fill out quite nicely, but I don’t want to have to buy it from my neighborhood sex shop.” Thank heavens there is, where you can pick up a facsimile of that same, bulge-hugging outfit for less than a night out.

You can check out the details on the item, which is unfortunately not sold in stores, here, but the one review on is rather glowing:

Surprised my wife one day after work and hiding in the covers. Quality was good, easy to get into and breathed well. Only suggestion would be adding loops and hooks for attachments.

So be sure to place your order in time for Halloween… or you know, whenever you’re feeling frisky.


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