Ice Cream Company Learns That Not All Muslims Live In Pakistan

A 100-year-old Montana ice cream company is getting to know what it’s like to be hated by the Internet after it told a Muslim customer from Wyoming that it doesn’t deliver to Pakistan.

The brouhaha began late last week, when a man from Sheridan, WY, asked on the ice cream company’s Facebook page if the gelatin used in its cookies and cream variety contained pork. He also identified himself as a Muslim in the post.

The company eventually replied dismissively with “We don’t deliver outside of Montana, certainly not Pakistan.”

Aside from not actually answering the customer’s question, that statement didn’t sit well with the customer or the people who decided to one-star bomb the company’s Yelp page.

The owner of the company, which has subsequently taken down its Facebook page, says that even though screenshots clearly show that the post was coming from Sheridan, WY (a town to which the company does deliver, by the way), he claims to have seen something next to the user’s name that said “Pakistan.”

“I thought he was making this comment from Pakistan,” he tells the Bozeman Daily Chronicle. “It wasn’t a racist comment… It was just an honest mistake.”

“I apologize if he took it wrong, that’s not what I meant by it,” the owner continues. “I guess I didn’t read the whole thing.”

Which is a shame, because if he had read the whole Facebook comment, he would have been able to give the presumably former customer that all the gelatin in his company’s products is kosher.

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