News Of Looming Worldwide Pork Shortage Is Making Bacon Lovers Totally Flip Out

Holy porkageddon! Words like “inevitable shortage” when connected to pork or bacon or any delicious pig-related products are making meat lovers totally freak out. And if I can’t get prosciutto on my next pizza, I will join them. A British industry group is warning consumers that “a world shortage of pork and bacon next year is now unavoidable,” according to an industry trade group.

Have you calmed yourself enough to read on? Basically the whole problem can be traced back to drought conditions that are hurting feed crops like corn and soybean this year. The less food you have for animals, the less animals you can raise and then slaughter for pork products, explains the National Pig Association (via the Los Angeles Times).

Just because it’s a British group sounding the call doesn’t mean the rest of us are safe. Nope, it’s a trend being “mirrored around the world,” according to a press release, which also predicts a pork shortage of around 10% less pigs heading to slaughter.

So far in the United States, our pork supply in warehouses has been doing pretty well, growing 31% at the end of August compared to the same month last year. Maybe time to hit up the bulk pork aisles and invest in a deep freezer, if you’re really worried about your next pork-filled meal.

Bacon, pork shortage ‘now unavoidable,’ industry group says [Los Angeles Times]

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